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The “Pitch”

Catholic Engaged Encounter offers a preparation weekend for couples contemplating marriage. It is currently held at St Josephs Conference Centre, Baulkham Hills, NSW.

We are sure that there is no need to highlight the importance of marriage preparation to you. Engaged Encounter offers couples a complete and internationally recognised marriage preparation program.

The weekend is designed as a private experience with most of the time spent by the couple in private - relating deeply and honestly over a wide range of issues. The talks over the weekend mainly involve sharing by married couples and are intended to provide material for the engaged couples’ own discussions. The private nature of the weekend makes it ideal for a wide range of couples, including inter-faith couples, couples already living together, and people who have been married before.

As mentioned above, the program is well attended by a broad spectrum of people including inter-faith couples in spite of the fact that the weekend is explicitly Catholic. Attendance at an Engaged Encounter weekend has resulted in many couples returning to Christ (see feedback overleaf).

The overwhelmingly positive response from couples who attend Engaged Encounter weekends verifies that it is an excellent preparation for marriage. You will also find more detail at our web site -

We need your support in order to continue this ministry. We ask you to recommend Engaged Encounter to all couples seeking marriage in your parish.

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But how prepared are you for marriage? Engaged Encounter provides you with deeper insights into each other and into married life. We give you a chance to spend time together to strengthen and enrich your relationship. For further information see our web site: