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What is FOCCUS?

FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study) is a self-diagnostic inventory (series of questions) designed to assist couples prepare for marriage and their lives together.

How does FOCCUS work?

FOCCUS enables couples to learn more about themselves and their unique relationship and to identify and work through various issues before marriage. As an inventory it provides individualised couple feedback on where each partner stands in regard to topic areas important to marriage. It is not a test nor does it predict success or failure in marriage.

What is involved?

A FOCCUS Facilitator takes a couple through the three stages of FOCCUS. First, the couple completes the inventory which consists of a few biographical details and a series of questions. Each person individually responds to the questions by checking agree, disagree or uncertain.

Secondly when the results are collated, the Facilitator goes through the areas of differences with the couple to assist them to discuss these areas. Couples find much more to talk together about important issues and work towards better communication and understanding.

The third stage is participation in the Engaged Encounter weekend as an educational and skill training program which builds on the awareness the couple has after completing FOCCUS. The FOCCUS content covers the range of elements necessary for a successful marriage. The educational program develops skills and shares information on the areas discussed in FOCCUS.

When does it take place?

The FOCCUS inventory takes place prior to the EE weekend experience. Registration for FOCCUS is required 1 month prior to your EE weekend. Registrations for FOCCUS cannot be accepted after this time.

What does it cost?

Catholic Engaged Encounter provides FOCCUS for couples who attend an Engaged Encounter Weekend, at Hunters Hill by appointment. The cost for these couples is $85. We require that both FOCCUS and the EE weekend are paid for before the FOCCUS process is undertaken.

What if we need to cancel our weekend, after we've attended FOCCUS?

Should you cancel your EE weekend after having experienced FOCCUS the cost of the FOCCUS experience becomes $200. Your refund will therefore be the difference between this $200 and the amount you have paid for the weekend.

Can we do FOCCUS without attending a weekend?

EE offers FOCCUS as an integral part of the EE marriage preparation program. EE does not offer FOCCUS as a stand alone experience.

How do we apply?

Select FOCCUS on the Registration page OR Enter your request for more information on the Contact Us page in the Questions section. The Facilitator will contact you.

Want to find out more about FOCCUS?

Go to FOCCUS website