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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Catholic Engaged Encounter?(top)
It is a weekend designed for couples who are preparing for marriage. While it is spent with other engaged couples, private time is available for the couple to build a closer relationship. The weekend provides an opportunity for each couple to talk privately, honestly and intensely about
  • their future lives together;
  • their strengths and weaknesses;
  • desires;
  • ambitions;
  • goals;
  • their attitudes about money, sex, children, family;
  • and their role in the church and society.

Engaged Encounter is not designed to take the place of several interviews that must be held with the marriage celebrant, who will discuss, among other things the teachings of the Catholic Church, the Church's view of marriage and the meaning of the ceremony.
The program presented (in Sydney) with the approval of the Archdiocesan Marriage Preparation office.

What happens on the weekend?(top)
Through a series of ideas presented by a team of two trained married couples, the engaged couple is stimulated to discuss privately all aspects of their forthcoming married life. Their discussion is always from the viewpoint of their own relationship. Personal reflection and discussion between the couple becomes the main thrust of the Weekend. Meals together with all of the couples provide group participation.

Do we have to share personally with the team?(top)
Definitely Not! We are not counsellors.
The team share with you some of their experiences of married life, not for you to get to know them well, but to stimulate you to consider and discuss with your fiance things that are relevant to your couple relationship.

Is it based on group discussion?(top)
Definitely Not! There are no group dynamics.
The weekend is specifically designed for private discussion between the couple. However, there are a few opportunities for you to participate in a group discussion if you choose.

Do you have to be a Catholic?(top)
No! Any couple is eligible.

Is Catholicism pushed?(top)
No! The emphasis on the weekend is your couple relationship. As most of the team are Catholics, some of their sharings will reflect their own religious faith. The weekend is about Christian values common to all Christian faiths.

Do we have to bring a bible on the Weekend?(top)
No! The weekend is not a bible study course.

When should a Couple attend?(top)
To receive the program's maximum benefit, a weekend should be experienced as early as possible, even before the formal engagement if so wished. However, attendance can be meaningful any time in the engagement. The weekend is not directly a preparation for the wedding day, so it shouldn't be left to the busy period just before the wedding, when there are many distractions and other details to attend to.

When are the Weekends held?(top)
Engaged Encounter weekends are held on various weekends throughout the year. Check-in is on Saturday morning at 8:30am (Sydney). The first talk starts on Saturday morning at 8:45am and the Saturday sessions finish on Saturday night at 10.00pm. The Sunday sessions start at 8.45am and the weekend concludes 4:00pm Sunday afternoon. The couple must stay for the entirety of both days to benefit from the experience thoroughly.

Are the weekends 'live-in'?(top)
The base weekend does not include accomodation. However, Couples have the option of staying at the venue on the Saturday night for an additional fee. There is no obligation to take up this option. If you don't take up this option, we ask that you please make every effort to arrive before the start of the Sunday sessions at 8:30am.

Where are the Weekends held?(top)
Baulkham Hills. After the couple send in their registration form, a letter is returned with more details including address details of the weekend venue.

What is the cost of the Weekend?(top)
The base cost of the weekend is $290 per couple, which does not include accomodation. It does include the following meals
  • Morning Tea (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Lunch (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Afternoon Tea (Saturday)
  • Dinner (Saturday night)

Optionally couples may choose to stay at the venue on Saturday night. This is an additional $200 per couple and also includes breakfast on Sunday morning. So for those couples choosing to stay at the venue on the Saturday night the total cost of the weekend is $450. Accommodation is in single rooms and towels and bed linen are provided.

Couples may also choose to enrol in the FOCCUS program. This is an additional $75 and is only available for couples who register for a weekend.

Please note however that no couple is denied the opportunity of attending a Weekend as funds are available for such purposes. In addition, gift certificates are available and there are opportunities available during the weekend for those who wish to make a donation.

Can we pay Electronically?(top)
Yes. When you register we will email you our bank account details.

Can we pay by Cheque/Money order?(top)
Yes you can, although we prefer electronic transfer. Please contact us and we will send you our address and payment details.

Are there any other ways we can pay?(top)
We are in the process of enabling payment via Paypal. When it becomes available we will update the website to support it.

Do you have gift certificates?(top)
Yes. Gift Certificates can be purchased for any amount up to (and including) the cost of the full weekend. These are ideal gifts from family and friends! Please contact us for more details.

We are getting married overseas, but we'd like to do a weekend in Australia. Is this a problem?(top)
As Engaged Encounter is a well regarded international premarriage program, it is ideal for couples who may be getting married overseas. Engaged Encounter is the only premarriage course conducted in Australia which is recognised as a valid premarriage course for a Catholic Marriage in either Singapore or the Philippines.